01 JUN 24 Tfr to Loan repayment $9,000.00
03 JUN 24 -The-Iconic- $149.99
04 JUN 24 Sq* Best Western Hotels $318.00
07 JUN 24 Wurundjeri Way Nab Atm $200.00
08 JUN 24 TFR to John Smith $7,000.00
14 JUN 24 Visa* Review Australia $399.95
16 JUN 24 Latitude Financial $687.35
22 JUN 24 Full Disclosure Bar $39.50
27 JUN 24 *Sportsbet $1,000.00

Ruffle Report

Ruffle Report combines all your bank statements into a searchable, sortable interface, jam-packed with easy-to-use tools designed specifically for Family Lawyers in Australia. You will eliminate hours of monotonous and error-prone work, and gain insights you never thought possible.

The best use of disclosure means the best results for your clients.

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Ruffle Report pulls every bank statement you’ve received into one place for easy and impactful analysis, helping you deliver the best result for your client.

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Sick of trawling through bank statements by hand? Our algorithm analyses everything in seconds, saving you hours of tedious, unfulfilling, and error-prone work.

Wow your clients

Spot issues other lawyers miss. Respond with incredible speed. Keep costs under control. In short, be a hero to your clients.

Reduce risk

Don’t overlook valuable needles in the haystack of financial disclosure. With a Ruffle Report, you can get your client the outcome they deserve.

18 JUN 24 Cash Advance Nab ATM King St $300.00
Categorisation: ATM withdrawal
Total from this account: $36,420
Total from all accounts: $83,950

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Kate Greenwood
“Ruffle Report allows me to review financial disclosure to an even higher standard than before, in substantially less time.”
Sarah Wainright, Special Counsel, Lander & Rogers
Kate Greenwood
“Ruffle Report is a really helpful tool for our family lawyers that also delivers value and efficiency for our clients.
Kate Greenwood, National Innovation Manager, Family & Relationship Law, Lander & Rogers
22 JUN 24 Tfr to ROBBO LOAN REPAY $10,000.00
Categorisation: External transfer
16 transactions matching "ROBBO LOAN REPAY"
Total transferred: $128,000

From $199 per report

A Ruffle Report starts at $199, which includes 265 pages of bank statements. If you have more than that, it’s only 75 cents per additional page.

Receive more disclosure at a later date? You can pay a top-up fee starting at $19 to add the new bank statements to an existing Ruffle Report, rather than having to pay for an entirely new one.

Only have scanned documents (or screenshots or photographs)? While authorised PDFs downloaded from the relevant bank’s internet banking platform are strongly preferred, scans, photos or screenshots can be processed if necessary. They are, however, charged at $3.99 per page because there’s a lot more work required.

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Categorisation: Gambling
Total spend / deposits: $46,910
Winnings / withdrawals: $28,000
Net position: -$18,910

How does it work?

  1. Provide bank statements by email, cloud sharing link, or uploading directly to rufflereport.com.au
  2. We count the number of transactions, and tell you exactly how much the report will cost
  3. Make payment by credit card (we send you an invoice and receipt to add to the next bill as a disbursement).
  4. Have a complimentary video chat with a Ruffle Report Expert, to help you answer any matter-specific questions you may have.
  5. Use your Ruffle Report throughout the life of your matter, as new questions crop up and new issues need to be addressed

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28 JUN 24 Transfer to linked account **4096 $25,000.00
27 JUN 24 Categorisation: External transfer
Transaction description suggests this is an internal transfer, yet we have no record of this money being received. You may wish to request bank statements for account **4096 if you do not already have them.

The best tools for the best disclosure review

Quickly spot gaps in disclosure

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View total spend by category

Salary: $437,319.31 over 48 transactions
External Transfers: $185,194.88 over 132 transactions
Home Loans: $147,941.54 over 104 transactions
ATM Withdrawals: $83,950.00 over 87 transactions
Luxury and Specialty Retail: $43,289.83 over 37 transactions
Supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers, bakers, etc: $39,476.12 over 257 transactions
Cryptocurrency: $32,500.00 over 3 transactions

Graphs reveal trends over time

ATM withdrawals

Pre-built filters for Family Law

Powerful search across all transactions at once

Export to PDF or Excel

Ruffle Report

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And much, much more!

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